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Girl Power Champions

Boss Up Girl Co. is a women’s empowerment community for entrepreneurs and business professionals looking to elevate in life, career, and business.

Heyyy Girl! We are Jasmine & Tyra Dyson, the dynamic mother/daughter duo who co-founded Boss Up Girl Co. With a combined 30+ years experience in everything from business development, branding, and human resources, to event planning and logistics, we’ve helped hundreds of small businesses do BIG business in their respective industries.

We share a love and belief in the unyielding power of the woman!  It is our belief that women are the most powerful beings on the planet and despite what others may say – WE CAN HAVE IT ALL!

As serial entrepreneurs, we have faced challenges with finding authentic spaces to not only network with other women, but to build and grow both personally and professionally TOGETHER. Not one woman at a time or one woman on top, but many women collectively sitting on the throne together (Heyyy Queen). 

Boss Up Girl Co. was founded as a solution to that problem. It is call to action for the woman who feels she has reached her glass ceiling in life, career or business. Our mission is to build a community that encourages you to GO HIGHER, NEVER SETTLE and FIERCELY DOMINATE in whatever you dream to do or be. We are women who prioritize collaboration over competition, and champion wealth, wisdom, and wellness above all else. 

If you’re ready to #BOSSUP your life, career, or business, then Boss Up Girl Co. is just what the doctor ordered!


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