Kay Brown

Kay Brown

Kay Brown is a trained professional esthetician and wax specialist.


What inspired you to become an entrepreneur? What motivates you to stay an entrepreneur?

I’ve always known that I wanted to be my own boss, but what pushed me more to become one, for the reason that I wanted to create a business with excellent customer service tending to our guests needs. A lot of the time when companies are made they forget to think about what’s in the best interest of their guests. I wouldn’t be KayB without the support from all of my guests. I also wanted to create a more welcoming environment instead of the whole corporate feeling.

The love and support I get from friends family and all of my guests is what keeps me going. The smiles that I get to create on their faces and get to see as they walk out the door feeds my soul to keep going. All I ever want to do is to make people happy. I also, push to keep going because I aim to keep my granny (may she rest in peace) very proud of me..


What is the biggest mistake you’ve made as an entrepreneur?

My biggest mistake I think I’ve made was spoiling my regulars that came and followed me from another establishment. Before I wasn’t as busy so it was easy for me to accommodate them, but now that I’m more established and getting a lot busier sometimes I hurt some of their feelings because I can’t be so flexible with them like before..

Also, doing a lot of discounts. I notice people only come for free or discounted stuff, so I had to cut that down some.


What advice would you give your previous boss?

Sometimes it’s not always about money. Treating your employees and your guests with kindness and respect goes a long way.


#RelationshipGoals As an entrepreneur growing and maintaining a successful business is a huge commitment of time and energy how do you maintain a healthy relationship/marriage?

Communication is key. When you love someone I believe you make time for who you want.  I also believe that when you and your mate support one another that connection or time is never lost.


Entrepreneurship can be very stressful, its easy to put in a lot of abnormal hours, how do you create work/life balance and/or what do you do for “me” time or to relax?

So not only do I own my own business, but I’m also a skincare instructor, so my only day off is Sunday. I like to either spend time with friends, my mate, family, or my favorite sitting at home alone with a dozen of crabs a good movie and some wine.


What is the DREAM or ultimate goal for your business?

I want to create a franchise for KayB Waxing. I want to open up multiple locations and then eventually create my own exclusive wax.


#ShEO Tips/Advice:

What advice would you give someone transitioning into entrepreneurship?

Make sure you move at your own pace when your ready. Plan out everything including cost with product and inventory of supplies. Always have faith in God he’ll never steer you wrong.


What tools do you use to manage your business or stay organized? ie..calendar, apps, softwares, etc..

I use square right now as far as booking and processing payment information. Social media is awesome (instagram, Facebook).

Creating a lot of hashtags under all of my pics allows more people to see and explore your information. I advertise on Groupon, use business cards, and I advertise on my car with car magnets promoting my business.


What tip can you give fellow entrepreneurs to avoid burnout?

Listen to your body. If your body is telling you to rest please do. Your health is more important.


BonusTip#: Give your own tip or advice to a fellow entrepreneur that has worked well for you.

Networking is key!



Kay, we celebrate you for bossing up and taking charge of your life and destiny. Thank you for having the courage to step out on faith and create your own!



Jasmine, Tyra & the entire #BossUpGIRL Squad

To learn more about KayBWaxes, visit www.instagram.com/kaybwaxes or call (443)-303-9377

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