Jasmine & Tyra Dyson founded BossUpGIRL! Co. to encourage everyday women to live the life they deserve. We all have an ideal picture of what life would look like if we could “have it all”, but who says that not possible? BossUpGIRL! is here to challenge women to GO FOR IT, while providing a network of women committed to support, uplift and cheer you on along the way.


I see a community of women bound together by the desire to win! Committed to building the network, resources, skills, and opportunities needed to succeed. Women who love, support and honor each other in words and deeds. Women committed to being the voice, mind, heart, and soul of their sister who desperately needs an ally, while helping her to restore her power within. Women who put the needs of the collective above their own immediate gratification. Women committed to sacrifice in service for women whose needs may be more direr than their own. Women who willfully and joyful show up for one another without a spirit of competition.


Women looking to create the network and support system they always needed. Women who are misunderstood and misinformed due to circumstance or surrounding. Women who desire more out of life, but out of fear may be settling for average. Women who are inspired but not activated. Women who need an extra push to just GO FOR IT. Women who don’t know what true love, honor, respect, and loyalty looks/feels like. Women who are suffering in silence. Women whose voices aren’t being heard. Women with gifts they have yet to discover or tap into. Women who are game changers, ceiling-breakers, and innovators. Women of value who are ready to WIN!



A Jill of all trades(and master of many), as she likes to call herself – Jasmine O. Dyson(J. Dyson the Brand) is a Serial Entrepreneur, Millennial Biz Coach and Amazon Best-Selling Author with a passion for helping people S.H.I.N.E. As the Chief Brand Officer of The B. Xperience, she helps CEO’s and small businesses refine their vision, strategically align with their audience and dominate in their space. Using her love of fashion and all things design, she infuses her natural eye for presentation, with her obsessive attention to detail and strategic brilliance, to create SHOW-STOPPING brands that not only look good but function like a well-oiled machine, or fancy sports car. Think extreme makeover on steroids!


Jasmine is the brains behind some of the most impeccable brand transformations. But, her mission is to not only make sure you look good, but that your foundation and interior systems are operating in tip-top shape. I mean who doesn’t love a well-built and well designed house. Jasmine believes that every achievement starts with the brand of YOU, so she challenges individuals to hone in on their strengths and weaknesses to build a brand that matters.


“My S.H.I.N.E(Success, Happiness, Intellect, Name, Excellence) puts no shade on you!

If you’re going to rise, you might as well SHINE!”




Tyra Dyson, CMP is a Certified Meeting Professional and Networking Guru. Her colleagues call her one of the “MUST-KNOW” people in the events and hospitality industry, because of her strong alliances with suppliers, planners and vendors around the world. Tyra credits her success in life and business to a simple principle – Investing In Yourself.


More than 20 years ago, as a secretary for the federal government, she made the decision to stop playing small and create a career doing something she loved. With no professional experience she invested time volunteering, money taking classes and resources networking and getting in the right rooms to transition herself into what is now a blossoming career in the events industry.


Tyra is an advocate for “betting on yourself” and never being afraid to make the necessary investments to grow, because she has seen first hand the impact of that. People often ask her her secret to success, and well this is it!


“RISE – Represent in Style & Excellence”